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The times they are a changin'

A note from our Director

A few years ago, people thought that it’s only a matter of time before print books were largely replaced by e-books. When you think about it in green terms, fewer trees would be cut down, books wouldn't have to be printed and shipped across the world and resources would be minimised because delivering a book electronically to a device is the way of the future.

To my delight, it seems that readers and consumers are staying loyal to print. People love physical books. This is much to my relief because I adore printed books — especially cook books — the smell, feel and the experience of sitting down with a book will stay very close to my heart.

But I too, have been swayed somewhat. Especially when I’m deep into a good novel and want to turn a few pages before bedtime. I’ve become very fond of my Kindle app; I don’t need to reach out or get up to put off the light, I can read in the dark until I fall asleep and just lock my screen. And of course, with travelling it’s far easier to have an entire library to my disposal without carrying a book.

Which certainly makes me think… I wonder how soon I’m going to convert to the newer trend: the audio book?

Until next time, Emily

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