• emily51585

Different strokes for different folks

Knowing your audience, their likes and dislikes, interests and concerns, is crucial to writing a compelling book. Writing is as much about communicating your unique ideas, as it is about reaching and benefiting a specific audience with those ideas.

Young or inexperienced writers often fall into a trap of linear thinking with their writing; focusing only on what they want to communicate, how they want to do it and why they think it’s important. However, what makes a book compelling to other people (like those you’d want to read your book), is when its contents speak to their needs, interests, questions and fears. Part and parcel is a reader’s preference in how and when they purchase books.

Some people like to read hard copies, others prefer a Kindle. Some like to read in spare moments when waiting in a queue or for a meeting, others in a comfy chair while drinking a good cup of coffee.

Different strokes for different folks.

Knowing who you’re writing for (aka – not yourself) and then catering for their needs, is the first step to producing a book others will want to buy and read. Don’t skip the first step.

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