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Colour me Crazy

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A note from our Director

I am definitely someone who judges a book by its cover even before deciding to read it – guilty as charged! As a teenager, I only bought books that were ‘pretty’. Even now, my bookshelves are all sorted from height and their colour, instead of the logical alphabetical order of title / author. That’s one of the ‘curses’ of extreme attention to detail, OCD-ness and that everything around me must be aesthetically appealing.

In 2015, as a junior intern I was surprised by the intricate process a cover design entails. I thought a graphic designer would just make something cool, usually from the author bringing an idea of an image he/her specifically wanted. We were actually a team of four or five at a time, working on a single title for two weeks with six different cover design concepts and twenty rounds of revisions. All to only choose one in the end.

Did you know purple is a colour that publishers don’t like because it represents ‘new age’ whereas dark blue is often used because executives and especially men relate to it? If you were planning to convince a bookstore or publisher to buy your book – wouldn’t that be important information to know?

There’s a whole science behind colours, tones, palettes and colour combinations when it comes to a book cover design. Not to mention white space, typography, composition and imagery. I’m sure you’ll never look at a book cover the same again!

Until next time, Emily

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